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Refereeing Policy


JEAS adopts strict refereeing policy with a set of rules in order to ensure high quality of the papers accepted for publication. Those are summarized below.

  • Two independent referees are selected for peer review of each paper.
  • A "double blind" refereeing approach is adopted. This means name(s) of author(s) is (are) not revealed to referees and visa versa.
  • If two or more papers are submitted by the same author(s) and/or co-author(s), the papers are to be sent to the same two peer referees so as to indicate similarities, if any.
  • JEAS publishes only works classified exclusively be the two referees as "Research Paper". Therefore, papers classified by one or the two referees as "Essays" or "Technical Reports" are not accepted.
  • Papers must be accepted by both referees. In other words, if one of the two referees rejects a paper while the other accepts it; the paper is considered as 50/50 and hence is rejected.
  • Up to three accepted papers by one author/co-author can only be published in one Volume.
  • No more than one paper of the same author/co-author can be published in one Issue.
  • If the author(s) of a rejected paper resubmit after improvement, it is to be sent to the same referees who reviewed, and rejected, the original paper.